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So, you are thinking about a bathroom renovation. Now, where do you start? There are many decisions to be made. Who to trust? Where to buy tile, granite, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry? Where to buy lighting, mirrors, towel bars? What colors to paint? How do you know what tile, granite, and cabinet color and styles to choose? So many options!!

I get it, I understand. I chose this industry because I saw homeowners having to make all these decisions by themselves and sometimes having to run their own projects. Typical scenarios go like this; you hire someone you think you can trust, they tell you to go buy all your materials, then when you get to the stores how do you chose? What happens when something doesn’t fit or the colors don’t work together? The contractor sends you running to make the changes. Oh and by the way, while you are out shopping for the materials your contractor has left your project and is working on someone else’s project now. So now you have to wait for him to return meanwhile your bathroom is in shambles. RIDICULOUS!

AT TMC, I personally take each one of our client’s through the design and material selections for their bathroom renovation project. I ensure that our clients see all the options for granite, cabinetry, and tile. I bring in our interior decorator to assist us in selecting just the right fit and finish for your home. When all the materials are in and ready, we begin your project. The best part, we show up everyday from 8:30am – 5:00pm M-F until your project is 100% complete and you are happy.

Kids Bathroom – We removed a bathtub and constructed this custom built-in shower with tile, granite, and new plumbing. Check out our custom niche we constructed utilizing matching granite pieces. We can build these on-site any size and configuration you would like. We installed a larger vanity, new toilet, new exhaust fan, light sconce, mirror, and a fresh coat of paint. Our client’s love it and are now having us renovate their other two bathrooms in their home. Making people happy is exciting and is why we do what we do. We are blessed and hope to be a blessing to our client’s.

This was a master bathroom with a wall separating the water closet from the vanity area. By removing that wall we were able to expand the shower and really give our clients something special. Contact us today with any questions about remodeling your bathroom. We are here to help.

Marble is in! It always has been and I suspect always will be. Marble, grey cabinetry, and chrome plumbing fixtures = classic look. Another fantastic highly detailed luxury bathroom renovation project by our TMC team. Contact us to discover if we are a fit for your next project.

Bathroom spaces don’t always need a complete renovation to show significant visual and functional improvement. You just need an experienced design and construction team to guide you toward the most value for your budget. In the wrong hands, your bathroom remodeling project can really take an unfortunate path with cost overruns and regretful decisions.

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