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TMC Construction Services: A Design Story

Our designer Kim Hicks recently met our client Sue at the granite store to assist in selecting her granite for her new kitchen. Sue had arrived early with her existing floor tile, a piece of existing wood window trim, her new cabinet sample, and a color swatch of her new window treatments. When Kim arrived Sue excitedly ran to Kim showing her that she had found the granite that matched “perfectly” to all her other amenities in her kitchen. Sue was so proud that the veins in her granite matched exactly to the veins in her existing floor tile, and the sparkles of red matched exactly to the sparkles in her window treatments. There was even a hint of brown that matched exactly to the wood trim.

Kim smiled, “Sue, you did really well and you are correct you did find granite that matched all your other design elements existing in your kitchen.” Sue knew there was a “but” coming in the next sentence.

This happens often, we have a favorite color or we feel that for design elements to work they all have to match. Kim explained to Sue that when everything matches then items get lost. That beautiful piece of granite or tile simply get washed out when seen all together. Kim walked Sue around the granite yard and showed her some pieces of granite that complimented her existing pieces and would allow the granite to be a really attractive element, like jewelry.

Sue’s kitchen turned out amazing and she loves how her new kitchen came together. At TMC we never force our design opinions on you however we will use our experiences to ensure that you see all the options and understand how it all comes together. Out goal is that you love your new kitchen or bathroom for decades to come.

A Design Story

Kim Hicks and Carlie Hicks are Loveland residents and have assisted TMC clients with color coordination and design for many years. We utilize our cabinet suppliers for accurate bathroom and kitchen renderings and design.  Additionally, we have our architect and structural engineer ready to assist our clients with approved plans for additions and sunrooms.

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