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We’re Holding Your Place in Line!
You know the challenges our country is facing:
• Snowballing inflation
• Gasoline at a new high
• Skyrocketing prices everywhere
• Massive supply chain challenges

Qualified people not seeking employment Unemployed people getting paid for staying home
While we can’t change the world, at TMC we continue to do what we do best.
And although our industry is experiencing lengthy material delays (the longest delays we’ve ever experienced), our clients continue to receive our top quality craftsmanship and service. We won’t compromise––ever!

We’re continually seeking to hire more staff. That’s not easy because we’re very picky. Our team members are expected to perform at a much higher level of quality than the average contractor. In fact, ours are expected to exhibit extraordinary craftsmanship and a thorough knowledge of quality, state-of-the-art building practices.

As we explained when we met, we start remodeling projects in chronological order. In other words, we start them in the order homeowners signed with us. No exceptions! So, rest assured you will not be skipped over. Your wait may be longer than initially planned, but we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Unlike the manufacturing environment where you can predict how many widgets you can make in a day, remodeling is a bit of a moving target. Most of our projects take four to six weeks. So, as soon as we get close to your turn, you’ll hear from us.
Thank you for your trust and your patience.

Brian Martin, Founder 513-781-3000

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