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So you want to do a home remodel?


I know how it is, you walk into that same kitchen you have walked into for years, maybe decades. You go to your old wood cabinet that has slightly faded over the years and grab your morning coffee cup. As you sit at your kitchen table sipping your brew you glance around and think to yourself how nice it would be to have brighter color cabinets with crown molding, simple but elegant quartz counter tops, an updated stainless under-mount sink, and a really cool bold looking tile back splash. Wait, you think, could we even remove that wall and make the kitchen even larger?

As your finish your coffee you likely have thoughts of messy contractors that rarely show up, weeks or maybe months of an unusable kitchen, escalating costs that never seem to have an end in sight. And with those last thoughts, you throw your cup in the same beat up sink and go on about your day.

Covid and our present economy has certainly changed the landscape of the home remodeling industry. In 2015, TMC had a 3 month wait list and we could order materials within 2-3 weeks of the project starting and everything would be available and ready to go at the start date. As of, February 2022, TMC has a 12 month wait list and cabinets for example have a 3 month lead-time.

Quality minded contractors with a loyal following and strong client on-line reviews have long wait times. These long wait times have an upside that clients have time to make thought out decisions on the products they would like to have in their newly remodeled spaces. TMC’s design team walks our clients through step by step, item by item, to ensure that each piece works well with the next and that orders can be placed in the right amount of time for the project. The quartz tops will look great with the tile backsplash and the paint colors will make the new cabinets look incredible.

Do the project now or later? Here is what the owner of TMC says, “It typically costs very little to investigate a potential project. Likely if you start investigating today your new kitchen, bathroom, or addition is 12 months or more away. Look at on-line reviews and talk to neighbors and friends, make a wish-list. Select your top two or three candidates and start the conversations. Next year at this time you could be drinking coffee in a beautiful new kitchen.”

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